Who I am

My name is Tobias Rahm and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

What I do

I'm a web developer with good knowledge in areas ranging from database modeling to user experience and everything inbetween. I'm also interested in product development and how to bring the correct product to the market.

My skills

I am highly experienced with frontend development using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and React. I'm also very experienced in Node.js, PHP and MySQL for backend development. I can get a good understanding of the customer's needs and can therefore ensure that the correct requirements are met.

Previous work

I've been working mostly with product development, creating administration systems, APIs, kiosk applications and more. I've had much experience with system integrations and collaboration with third party developers. I've worked mostly in smaller teams and I'm used to having multiple tasks in the air at the same time. I get more productive in a fast paced environment and like juggling with short and long term goals at the same time.

Future work

I'm interested in assignments, big or small, that include HTML5, React, Node.js or PHP. Product development is always intriguing and with the right idea I might join you.